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EC Network

Energy Consulting Network A/S (Ltd.) is a leading Danish company internationally within the field of energy. The mission of EC Network is to make a professional contribution to the dissemination of sustainable energy and environmental systems. Its competences comprise areas strategy, policy and management in general within the overall energy sector, strategic energy planning, renewable […]

Gate 21, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gate 21 is a non-profit partner organization in Greater Copenhagen (90+ regional partner/members in Denmark) with a mission to gather municipalities, regions, businesses and knowledge institutions to develop and disseminate resource-efficient solutions that support green transformation and promote green growth. ver the past ten years, has built a strong triple-helix organization and has become the […]

SAPE, Poland

SAPE-Polska “National Association “Respect for Energy and the Environment” was established on the initiative of a group of people operating in Poland and internationally for the sake of respect for energy and the environment. The aim of the Association is to support activities for energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development, including cooperation with national […]


RAPEIS (Regional Energy and Environment Agency – Kujawsko-Pomorskie) has been operating since 1995 as a voluntary, self-governing association of producers, distributors and recipients of energy as well as equipment manufacturers. Currently, the Agency has 17 supporting members (legal persons) and 37 ordinary members (natural persons). The agency’s activity is based on the voluntary work of […]

Latvian Environmental Investment Fund – LEIF

“The Mission of the Latvian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF) is to promoting the implementation of environmental protection projects and also to increase the capacity of municipalities and commercial organizations in preparation and carrying out of qualitative and effective projects from their idea to realization. LEIF activities are directed to achieve the maximal improvement of environment, investing financial resources in implementation of environmental infrastructure development […]

Central Denmark

Central Denmark Region is one of five regions in Denmark.  The Region consists of 19 municipalities (1,313,596 inhabitants). The regions’ responsibilities are within the areas of health, psychiatry, social and regional development. 13 of the municipalities have signed the Covenant of Mayor. Along with the energy accounts, the Central Denmark Region provides the data needed by […]

Region of Southern Denmark

Region of South Denmark consists of 22 municipalities (1,223,105 million inhabitants). The regions’ responsibilities are within the areas of health, psychiatry, social and regional development. In recent years RSD has been actively engaged in sustainable energy activity. One initiative has been Strategic Energy Planning, supported by the Danish Government drawing up a planning process on how […]

NAPE – National Energy Conservation Agency

Narodowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A. (National Energy Conservation Agency) was established in 1994 in Warsaw, Poland, to promote energy-saving investments and rational use of energy, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. The main area of their activity is the building sector. NAPE specialize in energy consulting, developing audits and energy performance certificates for […]

FPE – Energy Conservation Foundation

The main goal of the FPE Foundation is to  a promotion of energy efficiency issues, education and preparation of specialists in the field of energy advisory and energy efficiency. Our goals are realized by training activities, press and books publications and consulting. Energy Conservation Foundation was established in 1992. It is a non-profit organization and […]