Kurzeme, Latvia

Kurzeme region is located in the Western part of Latvia with the area of 16 054 km2m or 24,85% of total Latvia territory.

Kurzeme Planning Region (hereinafter – KPR) is a subordinated public entity under supervision of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development.

KPR consists of 20 municipalities – 2 larger cities Liepaja and Ventspils and 18 smaller regions. The biggest city in Region is Liepāja (68 945 inhabitants) and which is the 3rd largest city in Latvia. Kurzeme planning region has not develop common Energy action plan for the region so far, but there are active municipalities in the region, such as Liepaja, which is very much further in Energy efficiency projects at national level. The main priority and objectives still remains energy resources and energy efficiency – from low resource processing to high resource processing, from energy consumption to energy saving – making more with fewer resources.

Liepaja tried to achieve several initiatives and goals and activities in the building sector:

  • Maintenance of energy management system
  • Sustainable maintenance of municipal buildings and infrastructure

During the last 10-15 years, almost all municipal buildings in Liepāja have been renovated, except for some historical buildings. In the long run, one of the potentially best solutions for the implementation of building renovation projects and increased funding will be the Energy Efficiency Service Agreement, which would allow the municipality to carry out large-scale energy efficiency measures with third-party funding. To do this, at least the following actions must be planned:

  • Promotion of ESCOs in society
  • Generating energy efficient ideas (e.g. hackathons or technology marathons)
  • assistance in preparing an ESCO service order
  • project implementation and dissemination of results achieved
  • establishment of a center of excellence or one stop shop