Pomorskie, Poland

The Pomeranian Voivodeship is located in the north of the country by the Baltic Sea with the capital of the region in Gdańsk. The region is made up of 123 communes, including 42 urban and urban-rural communes, and 81 rural communes. The population of the voivodship is over 2.3 million, of which approx. 65% live in urban areas.

All communes in the voivodship adopted the assumptions for heat, electricity and gas fuel supply plans, which are successively updated.

Pomorskie Voivodeship has a high potential for producing energy from renewable sources. Pomorskie has been consistently implementing measures to improve energy efficiency for many years.

Energy Efficiency Actions

Around 75% of the buildings are older than 20 years and most of them require partial or comprehensive renovation. The National Clean Air Program supports the implementation of energy efficiency measures by homeowners with the possibility of installing renewable energy sources, but low-income families need special incentives and the procedure still needs to be improved.

Additional support is needed for multi-family houses where energy efficiency measures will be combined with the replacement of coal heating systems with renewable energy or natural gas for both heat and electricity production combined with the possibility of building internal heating

Owners of public and commercial buildings will be stimulated to implement energy efficiency measures with specific funds. The cooperation of local government administration in Pomerania, the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk, organizations and chambers of experts and financing institutions will allow for joint planning of activities and further implementation of energy efficiency in Pomerania.

Thermal modernization of multi-family buildings in cities is well advanced, while in other areas and sectors it requires further action and support.

However, it is still necessary to raise awareness among local government officials, entrepreneurs and residents.

The activities under the project should contribute to increasing the availability of financing and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Baltic Energy Conservation Agency was founded in January 1996 in order to implement principles of sustainable development, to promote renewable energy sources and to improve energy efficiency.

Agency cooperates with local and regional authorities, energy agencies, biofuel manufacturers, companies dealing with RES, thermal energy producers, energy consumers, etc. The company is a member of the nationwide Association “Energy and Environment Conservation” (SAPE-Poland).

Baltic Energy Conservation Agency’s activities are aimed at the implementation of European Directives on energy conservation and dissemination of environment friendly technologies in the energy sector. Our activities include consultancy and expertise services as well as educational and training services in the area of rationalization use of energy and utilization of renewable energy sources. Agency participates in realization of numerous European projects concerning energy conservation and promotion of renewables.

We work in the field of energy planning and energy auditing. Our experts perform thermal imaging and issue energy performance certificates. The company also runs due diligence of wind farms. In addition, we assist in the preparation of grant applications and develop feasibility studies.