Donoslaskie, Poland

The Lower Silesia has 2,9 million inhabitants 69% are living in municipalities. The capital of the region is Wroclaw. Lower Silesia is located in the southwestern part of Poland and borders on Germany and the Czech Republic. It is the most urbanized province in the whole country.

Total number of dwellings in the region in 2011 was 366 079 where 176 990 in municipalities, 189 089 in rural areas and 9356 public buildings – total from rural and municipalities. 50% of all buildings in the region were built before 1945

About 40% of buildings in the Lower Silesia Region are under conservation protection, including multi-family buildings, public buildings, religious buildings, guesthouses, hotels, shelters, and health care facilities.

Some buildings have undergone limited thermomodernization and require further deeper renovation to improve energy efficiency to a non-zero level. New financing instruments are needed that consider the specificity of the region and new goals that, in combination with loans, EU subsidies and PDA (e.g. ELENA) will accelerate the process of energy modernisation of buildings. The aim will be to develop new financing mechanisms for deep thermal modernisation of buildings to an almost zero energy level and to increase the availability of existing funding programs for final beneficiaries in the housing sector and among SMEs by coordinating similar activities managed by various organisations.

Lower Silesian Energy and Environment Agency

The RondBaltic activities in the regon is managed by the Lower Silesian and Environemtn Agency. The main objective of the Agency is to support activities for energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development, to organize the exchange of experiences and cooperation between the members of the Agency, to cooperate with governmental and local government institutions in the field of creating the legal, organizational and financial framework in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship.