First Learning Event

First Learning Event

How to engage the financial sector in energy efficiency investments

Monday 13th September 2021 from 1:00 - 3:30 pm CET (online)

The learning event focused on how to engage the financial sector in energy efficiency investments.

The following topics were touched upon:

  1. How intervention strategies are being developed under RoundBaltic and how banks in the Baltic Sea Region get engaged.
  2. How to develop and streamline energy performance certificates of buildings to ease the access of financiers – in linkage with the H2020 X-Tendo project
  3. Approaches used by banks associations in the Baltic Sea Region on promoting sustainable energy finance. 


The scope of RoundBaltic is to address key aspects that can help accelerating energy efficiency investments in Poland, Latvia and Denmark as well as across the entire Baltic Sea Region (BSR) covering public and private buildings as well as the SME sector. The learning events will explore the specific challenges and solutions of these target countries and the prospects of replication in the BSR and EU wide.

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