First National Roundtable in Latvia

6 -7 May 2021


The event was arranged by the  RoundBaltic project partner “Latvian Environmental Investment Fund” in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the Ministry of Economics and the Finance Latvia Association.

The event was organised as an online National-wide roundtable discussion on  “Attracting Private Funding for Sustainable Energy Efficiency Financing”.

The aim was to provide constructive recommendations to policy makers, state institutions and local governments to promote the attraction of private financing in financing sustainable energy efficiency in Latvia.

The event took place in accordance with the initiative “Smart Finance for Smart Buildings”, in the context of which the European Commission is organizing the Horizon 2020 programms project “Promoting the implementation of the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings Initiative in the Baltic region – Poland, Latvia and Denmark – RoundBaltic”. The project is organizing a series of forums dedicated to energy investment with the aim of increasing public and private resources and cooperation to develop large-scale investment programs, one-stop shops and financing plans to improve energy efficiency.

 3 Parallel Sessions

The first day, 6th May, included 3 parallel sessions on energy efficiency financing in the  public building sector, in the housing sector and the SME sector.

Representatives of the public, non-governmental and private sectors, such as financial institutions, industry experts and associations, policy makers, local government representatives were invited to participate in each of these working group sessions to identify solutions and recommendations, which were discussed on the following day in a public conference between policy makers and industry experts. 

In the public sector, the elimination of still disturbing and missing factors to promote the use of the ESCO model was discussed; In the housing sector – the need to introduce motivating factors for homeowners to invest in  energy efficiency; In the SME sector – recommendations for facilitating the process of attracting private financing for energy efficiency. improvement projects for SMEs.