First Regional Roundtable in East Denmark

First Regional Roundtable in East Denmark

13th October 2021

Copenhagen, East Denmark

The purpose of the regional roundtable was to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in the region, with a view to discuss the framework for possible concrete initiatives.

The event was held as a physical event and was based on the conclusions of the last national roundtable held online, March 17-18, 2021.

The roundtable had a particular focus on energyy efficiency in single-family houses. Here concrete initiatives were discussed on how we can implement more energy efficiencies in single family houses and whether some initiatives are currently missing. The Regional Round Table started out in a joint session introducing activities happening throughout Zealand and Denmark in regards to climate action plans (DK2020) and Roadmap2025 approach from Sønderborg here discussing the roles of municipalities and utilities in supporting energy efficiency in single-family houses. 

Other initiatives such as the role of Termonet’s in phasing out oil and gas boilers were also introduced establishing the framework for the rest of the session. Here the Round Table were divided into two sessions, one discussing the customer journey on energy renovations and the cooperation with banks and the second discussing Termonet and the role of municipalities and utilities in different ownership models and the challenges here.



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