RoundBaltic Initiative Signals Remarkable Advancement

RoundBaltic Initiative Signals Remarkable Advancement

15 October 2023

The RoundBaltic project has successfully promoted collaboration between the financial and energy efficiency sectors in Poland, Latvia, and Denmark. Focused on addressing energy efficiency finance challenges, the project emphasized an investment-friendly framework and facilitated stakeholder engagement through national and regional roundtables, providing forums for insightful discussions.

Support activities were tailored to each country, focusing on policy implementation, financing instruments, and capacity building for both the financial and energy efficiency sectors. An in-depth diagnosis preceded the establishment of a support framework, including Advisory Boards for oversight.

Roundtables served as forums for stakeholders to share insights, contributing to policymaking and generating ideas for energy efficiency finance actions at national and regional levels. Enabling actions translated roundtable recommendations into specific initiatives, with a key focus on inter-municipal cooperation as one-stop-shops. These initiatives aimed to attract private capital, overcome barriers in project journeys, and offered suggestions for optimizing public funds, project aggregation, project development assistance, guarantee schemes, ESCO concepts, standardization, and more.

The project’s impact assessment revealed a substantial impact, triggering and supporting sustainable energy investments. Collaboration with financing institutions and national organizations helped bridge the gap between financial and energy efficiency sectors, identifying proper financing sources and de-risking measures.

RoundBaltic undertook dissemination and communication activities to inform stakeholders about the project’s outcomes and prospects for energy efficiency finance in the Baltic Region. Efforts were made to establish a permanent structure involving relevant stakeholders for continued support of energy efficiency measures in each target country.

In conclusion, RoundBaltic’s participatory intervention significantly boosted momentum for energy efficiency finance in Poland, Latvia, and Denmark, impacting investment frameworks and initiating specific investments.

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