RoundBaltic leaves behind a number of new initiatives on energy efficiency financing

RoundBaltic leaves behind a number of new initiatives on energy efficiency financing

The RoundBaltic project is nearing its end and will present its achievements at a Final Learning Event

The RoundBaltic project has over the past three years implemented 9 national and 24 regional roundtables in Denmark, Latvia and Poland aiming at promoting financing of energy efficiency in various sectors. The project is now in a final phase to summarise specific actions enabled at the regional level and recommendations provided for supportive measures at national level, including policy measures and financial instruments. 

RoundBaltic has undertaken several roundtables to bring together representatives of the financial and energy efficiency sectors to discuss and find solutions to the challenge of energy efficiency finance. Key focus is how to ensure an investment friendly framework along designing of financing instruments in accordance with the EU financial pillars more effective use of public funds, aggregation and project development assistance and de-risking. This effort links to the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums initiative of supporting investment momentum in the EU. 

A main intention is to bridge stakeholders operating at respectively national and regional/local level. The 7 targeted regions in Poland are Dolnoslaskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lodzkie, Pomorskie, Podlaskie, Slaskie, Mazowieckie, in Latvia the 2 regions of Kurzeme and Vidzeme and in Denmark the Region of South, Central and East Denmark. Regional roundtables have fostered a dialogue aiming for specific actions and giving feedback on how to improve the investment framework (policy measures and financial instruments).

The project is now nearing its end of turning ideas and recommendations into reality. A key scope of the enabling actions has been establishing regional one-stop-shop structures to upscale project volume and motivate and support end-users along their project journey. These regional structures gathering all relevant stakeholders including important financial players are seen as a driving force for energy efficiency investments in public, residential and SME sectors and in interaction with supporting strategic and financial measures at national level. Along these achievements the project has produced case studies for the most promising actions and organised learning events for mutual experience exchange across the countries.

Final Learning event

RoundBaltic will display its achievements at a final learning event (online) on 29th August, 9-11.30 CET

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