RoundBaltic on the roll

RoundBaltic on the roll

Structured engagement at the regional level has proven to be a highly effective strategy for facilitating initiatives aimed at financing energy efficiency measures. In the pursuit of promoting Smart Finance for Smart Buildings in the Baltic Region, particularly in Poland, Latvia, and Denmark, the RoundBaltic project has successfully implemented its inaugural series of regional roundtables across 12 regions in the target countries.

These regional roundtables complement ongoing interactions with national roundtables, ensuring the establishment of conducive framework conditions for implementing energy efficiency actions at the regional level. The overarching goal of RoundBaltic is to act as a catalyst for enhancing the investment framework and fostering specific financing initiatives on the ground.

The project has convened numerous roundtable discussions, bringing together representatives from the financial and energy efficiency sectors. These sessions aim to address and overcome the challenges associated with energy efficiency finance. Key areas of focus include the development of an investment-friendly framework, the design of financing instruments aligned with EU financial pillars, the more effective utilization of public funds, aggregation strategies, project development assistance, and de-risking measures. This initiative aligns with the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums of the EU, supporting investment momentum.

A primary objective of RoundBaltic is to bridge stakeholders operating at both national and regional/local levels. Targeted regions in Poland include Dolnoslaskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lodzkie, Pomorskie, Podlaskie, Slaskie, and Mazowieckie. In Latvia, the focus is on the regions of Kurzeme and Vidzeme, while in Denmark, it encompasses the Region of South, Central, and East Denmark. The regional roundtables have facilitated dialogues aimed at generating specific actions and providing valuable feedback for refining the investment framework.

As the project enters the implementation phase, there is a concerted effort to translate ideas and recommendations into tangible outcomes. Notably, in Poland and Denmark, the focus is on establishing one-stop-shops to serve as a driving force for energy efficiency investments in public, residential, and SME sectors. In Latvia, the emphasis is on promoting deep renovations and the adoption of energy performance contracting in the public and residential building sector. In addition to these accomplishments, the project is committed to producing case studies highlighting the most promising actions and organizing learning events to facilitate mutual experience exchange across the countries.

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