Second National Roundtable in Denmark

Second National Roundtable in Denmark

Event Date: 22 September 2022

Radisson Hotel, Copenhagen

The purpose of the national roundtable was to bring together key players for a dialogue about financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in Denmark, with a view to discussing the framework for the effort and possible concrete measures. The event was based on the conclusions from the last national roundtable held in March 2021 and the subsequent regional roundtables.

The national RoundBaltic Roundtable was divided into a plenary session and parallel topic sessions:

Session 1: Private homes

Session 2: Business / SMEs

The roundtable had a specific focus on supporting investment projects at the regional level. The discussions was therefore particulalrly based on the conclusions from the regional roundtables in Central Denmark Region, Southern Denmark Region and East Denmark held in the second half of 2021, and which defined concrete actions  at the regional level in interaction with national frameworks and initiatives.

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