Second Regional Roundtable in Central Denmark Region

Second Regional Roundtable in Central Denmark Region

Roundtable on Financing of Energy Efficiency in Central Denmark Region

Thursday, 13. April 2023, 09.30 -15.30

Scandic Hotel, Udgårdsvej 2, Silkeborg

The event was divided into a plenary session and two thematic sessions focusing on the green transition in rural areas and green business models in the SME segment, respectively

Plenary Session

The region’s development strategy for climate and rural areas was presented here. Through a pool, the Central Region has supported a number of projects aimed at exploring and creating a common and solid decision-making basis for the choice of common alternative energy sources in areas that do not have the option of district heating.

Furthermore, a new initiative from the Joint Council of Rural Districts and Finance Denmark was presented, which sets out 13 proposals aimed at giving homeowners in rural areas better opportunities to finance new heat sources and energy renovations.

Session 1: Energy transition in Rural Districts

The session focussed on energy renovations and the need for alternative energy supply in areas not suitable for district heating, and focused on technical and legal and especially financial challenges in relation to the establishment of Termonet plants. Plants above 250 kW are expected to be covered by the Danish Heat Act and can therefore generally be financed with a municipality-guaranteed loan, while the smaller plants below 250 kW, which can be organised via energy communities, for example, have a challenge finding financing on the private market.

Session 2: Industry / SME

The session focused on the role of municipalities in mobilising and implementing green business models in small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, it focused on how the inter-municipal cooperation initiated under the ECSMV project can be further strengthened in terms of a one-stop-shop-like structure that guides SMEs throughout their project journey and involves all relevant actors and initiatives, including business centres as well as local and national financial actors.

Roundtables within the RoundBaltic Project

The purpose of the regional roundtable is to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in the region, in order to discuss the framework for the effort and possible concrete actions.


Green transition in rural areas in Central Denmark Region

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