Second Regional Roundtable in Region of Southern Denmark – Private Homes

Second Regional Roundtable in Region of Southern Denmark – Private Homes

Financing of Energy Efficiency in Private Homes in Southern Denmark Region

Thursday, 21 August 2023, 09:30 -12:30

Hotel Scandic Jacob Gade,Flegborg 8-10, Vejle

The purpose of this session is to discuss how municipalities and banks can help each other to get more homeowners outside the utility area to improve energy efficiency and switch to a green heat source. Banks have a business potential in financing green transition in rural areas, and municipalities have access to homeowners and political goals for green transition.

To this end, a programme has been put together with a focus on how homeowners can be activated in an appropriate way. Project Zero and Sydbank will share their experiences in the field and there will be a presentation of the newly developed NEEM tool, with the potential to reduce the cost of identifying home improvement measures. Time has also been allocated for banks to present how they work with homeowners and ‘green mortgages’ and how they can interact with The session builds on previous RoundBaltic roundtables, including a third national roundtable on 22 May 2023.


Roundtables within the RoundBaltic Project

The purpose of the regional roundtable is to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in the region, in order to discuss the framework for the effort and possible concrete actions.

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