Second Regional Roundtable in Region of Southern Denmark – Social Housing

Second Regional Roundtable in Region of Southern Denmark – Social Housing

Second Roundtable in Region of Southern Denmark on Social Housing

Wednesday, 7. June 2023 12:00-16:00

Hotel Scandic Jacob Gade,Flegborg 8-10, Vejle

The session aimed to explore how to ensure dynamism and development in the social housing sector in Southern Denmark with a focus on energy renovation of buildings. The sector represents a great potential for green investments and at the same time there is inertia in the system for such a development, including barriers for private investors. The session addressed these aspects in order to come up with ideas and recommendations for both concrete initiatives and ways to improve the framework for the effort, including building on recommendations from a previous roundtable in Southern Denmark. 21 Sept. 2021.

The session was based on the regulatory and financial initiatives that are currently being taken to improve the opportunities for the green transition in the social housing sector, where Landsbyggefonden does not have extensive opportunities to support energy renovations within the current regulations. This includes the Housing Agreement, which contains green elements in the form of financing and the agreement includes a green screening and reassessment of projects on the waiting list and the introduction of a green guarantee fund. Furthermore, initiatives to improve energy efficiency through the use of data and support the integration of ESCO-related solutions, including in relation to the above-mentioned green guarantee.

Roundtables Within the RoundBaltic Project

The purpose of the regional roundtable is to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in the region, in order to discuss the framework for the effort and possible concrete actions.

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