Second Roundtable in Śląskie Region – Poland

Second Roundtable in Śląskie Region – Poland

Śląskie Region - Physical

Event Date: 2 March 2023

The Second Regional Roundtable on Energy Efficiency Financing in the Slaskie voivodeship took place on 2th March 2023.

The number of participants reached 41, with 8 people from the financial sector. 

In addition to a plenary, the event included two parellel sessions on:

Session 1 – Technical advice and substantive support for investors (including Local Government Units) in obtaining financing as well as preparation and implementation of investments supporting the improvement of energy efficiency at various stages of their implementation.

Session 2 – Small and Medium Enterprises – support for enterprises in the process of energy transformation. Model and future forms of financing. Are there solutions that can be a recipe for increasing the growth rate of investments in improving energy efficiency by SMEs.

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