Third National Roundtable in Denmark

Third National Roundtable in Denmark

Financing of Energy Efficiency in Denmark

22 May, 2023, 10.00 – 16.00

Vartov, Copenhagen

The event was based on the conclusions from the last national roundtable held in September 2023 and the subsequent regional events in Central Denmark Region, South Denmark Region and East Denmark.

The national RoundBaltic Roundtable was divided into a plenary session and two topic sessions:

Session 1: Private Housing

Previous roundtables have made it clear that the ‘one-stop-shop’ concept, where homeowners are offered a total package for financing and quality of execution, can be a primary driver to create dynamics in energy renovations of private homes in Denmark. It has also been made clear that it is appropriate to link energy renovations with the need for green heating in private homes, and not least in relation to efforts to reduce dependence on Russian gas by phasing out fossil fuels for heating.

A number of initiatives are underway politically and in the central administration in parallel with regional and local initiatives. RoundBaltic supports the establishment of ‘one-stop-shops’ as a focal point for reaching out to homeowners with coordinated offers and guidance on green heating and energy renovations.

Session 2: Financing the green transition in rural areas 

RoundBaltic has a general focus on possible collaborations across municipalities, including in relation to the current need for energy efficiency and alternative energy supply in areas outside the district heating network. This also concerns rural areas where home equity is low and far from covering loans for new heat sources and energy renovations.

Conversion to individual heat pumps is a possible alternative energy source in rural areas, but the collective alternative “Termonet”, based on a common primary circuit for heat pumps, is generally considered a more economical and technically favourable solution and is not associated with noise nuisance.

Roundtables within the RoundBaltic project

The purpose of the national roundtable is to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in the region, in order to discuss the framework for the effort and possible concrete actions.

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