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First Roundtable in Kujawsko Pomorskie Region – Poland

4 November 2021
70 participants attended the regional roundtable, which included three thematic sessions: 1: Financing the renovation of residential buildings 2: Financing the energy renovation of public buildings 3: Solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency from the perspective of enterprises- –

First Regional Roundtable in East Denmark

13 October 2021 – Copenhagen, East Denmark
The roundtable had a particular focus on energy efficiency in single-family houses. Concrete initiatives were presented and the need for further initiatives to support implementation of energy efficiency were debated.

First National Roundtable in Latvia

6 – 7 May 2021, Online
The event was arranged by the RoundBaltic project partner “Latvian Environmental Investment Fund” in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, the Ministry of Economics and the Finance Latvia Association.

First National Roundtable in Denmark

17 – 18 March 2021, Online
The purpose of the national roundtable was to bring together key players for a dialogue on financing energy efficiency in buildings and businesses in Denmark, with a view to discuss the needed supportive framework and concrete initiatives and measures.

The roundtable included a focus on possible concrete initiatives at the regional level. The national roundtable will thus be followed up by regional roundtables, which will facilitate concrete actions at the regional level in interaction with national frameworks and initiatives.